Cosmos Chainstitch Embroidered Cushion Cover Persian Blue Zaina
Cosmos Chainstitch Embroidered Cushion Cover Persian Blue Zaina


Cosmos Chainstitch Embroidered Cushion Cover Persian Blue

Regular price ₹ 950.00

A cushion cover in exquisite Persian blue, hand-embroidered with pretty cosmos flowers. A part of our range of chain stitch furnishings, these are crafted by talented embroidery artisans from Kashmir using a special hook called Aari. The base material is a mill dyed cotton fabric called Dusooti. Two wooden buttons secure the cushion. Silk threads are used to create the pleasing, colourful floral motif that livens up your home.


  • Product Dimensions: L12" x W12"
  • Knit/Woven: Woven
  • Base Color: Blue
  • Surface Styling: embroidered
  • Closure: button
  • Type: Cushion and cushion covers
  • Shape: Square
  • Craft: Hand Embroidered Chain stitch
  • Material: Cotton and Silk
  • Country of Origin: India

Shipping Information

Delivery time: 0-3 Days

Artisan Wages

₹ 425


₹ 82

Producer Group Margin

₹ 186

Mission Margin

*goes towards producer/maker handholding, platform operations, order fulfillment, and building equity for the producer ecosystem.
₹ 257


₹ 950

Raw Material Cost


Artisan Wages

$ 6


$ 1

Producer Group Margin

$ 3

Mission Margin

$ 4

Retail Price(USD)

$ 14

Listed on Flourish, this brand adheres to principles of ethical manufacturing. Zaina is a social enterprise that aims to provide sustainable livelihoods and an identity to artisans from Kashmir by bringing their creations to a platform accessible by all. The brand believes that the communities of artisans deserve economic opportunities, and it aims to keep alive the rich tradition of their craftsmanship in a rapidly changing urban market.
Only Hand wash.