Mindful Journeys

A curated collection of eco-travel essentials, crafted from a variety of natural raw materials to fulfil everything you need for your summer adventure.

The Spring Collection

Spring brings the blooming petals of nostalgia with it. Explore a collection of highly curated natural apparel and memorable jewelry.

The Organic Kitchen

Have you wondered about how you can make your kitchen better for you as well as for the planet?​ Explore a collection of sustainable serveware and organic food. 

Appreciate & Adorn

Explore a collection of distinctive designs in sustainable jewelry, an ideal gift for this season. ​

Curated for you

Pause and spend some time on yourself, explore what's new and sustainable in personal care collections.

Thoughtful Gifts

Explore a range of innovative eco-friendly products and find a memorable gift for this season

Made from Good

Welcome to a world where the product, the producer, and the consumer come together to create an ecosystem that spells


Creating a space for you to buy and sell preloved pieces from Flourish.


Flourish is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs,
artisans, and values-driven businesses.
Discover who they are and what
they believe in!




Get started on your journey with these mindful DIYs and more


Take a deep dive into our Maker stories and experience enchanting curatedtrails all over the world


Flourish is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs,
artisans, and value-driven business
Discover who they are and what they believe!