Curious about Responsible Manufacturing? Read all about eco-friendly materials, processes, zero-waste craft techniques, and more!

Common Myths about Handmade Products

There are many commonly heard misconceptions that keep a person from exploring the exquisite world of craft. Though if you really take a moment and think about it, none of the common myths about handmade products will hold true.


Natural Dyes

Vibrant, bright, colorful: these have been desirable characteristics for clothing and lifestyle items for centuries, with the process of using natural dyes dating back to the stone age.


Eco-Friendly Leather Alternatives

Leather is one of the most popular materials used in the fashion industry for its durability, aesthetic, and traditional use.  However, the leather industry can be a controversial topic for many, especially for people who choose a vegan lifestyle.


Our Way of Life

Explore green living practices and the sustainable way of life with ideas from around the world!

Eco-friendly Homes

With wasteful mindless production of decor items that last only a season or a short while, the landfills become bigger and our homes get more cluttered. A cluttered home full of items that were made out of artificial raw materials has also been found to increase stress as it is not very conducive to a relaxing environment.

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Fast Fashion

It’s a big day for you: you may be putting your best foot forward in a job interview, heading to a party where you’re meeting new people, going on that exciting first date, or (finally) meeting up with some friends for lunch after what feels like a lightyear of quarantine.


Veganism 102 - Replacements

If you’re interested in going vegan, or have recently adopted the lifestyle, one of the most common questions is how to replace meat and dairy items in your diet, which are a staple of most non-vegan diets.



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Building an empowering business with Sonica Sarna

Sonica Sarna’s years of experience in the export sector, as a consultant,  with her own eponymous label, and building Project rive, have given her a lot to think about and act on as she built her version of an empowering business.


Lakshmi Menon: ‘We are here to quilt, not quit.’

In a time where reading the news has become a heart-breaking activity, social entrepreneurs like Lakshmi Menon, transform every crisis into an opportunity. An opportunity to bring people together through innovative design and simple do-it-yourself kind of change-making.


The Cooperative

You have likely heard the term co-op before, and what comes to mind for many is often a local grocery store selling artisanal food.  While this is certainly true, the cooperative model has been adopted by many different types of organizations, and has a high potential for creating positive social impact for its members.

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The Collective

Let's talk about conscious consumerism: here are some interesting things we found, what about you?

DIY: Tin Can-do!

Every year, over 1.5 million tons of waste is created from aluminum containers and cans being thrown into landfills rather than into recycling.  However, aluminum cans are 100% recyclable, and there is no limit to how many times it can be repurposed.


Cooperative Play

Cooperative play is a useful tool in creating an opportunity for children to learn various life skills through play. It enhances creative thinking and social skills amongst many others.


The Benefits of Meditation

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, or having anxiety throughout your daily routine? If not, please tell us your secret! On a serious note, particularly given the challenges that we as a species have collectively experienced over the past few years, it can be challenging to remain calm and positive in the face of adversity.