• Sabrangi Handmade Pvt. Ltd.

    Sabrangi Handmade Pvt. Ltd.

    Sabrangi is the artisanal palette of colorful arts and crafts from the heart of Bihar. Their handcrafted products are an expression that manifest the revival of the forgotten skills of...

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  • Prashanti Foundation

    Prashanti Foundation

    This foundation actively supports planet protection by promoting the utilisation of Banana fibre products, which involve incorporating Textile and Banana fibre in their production process. The adoption of handloom fabric...

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  • Tyas


    The idea of “Tyas” began with a strong passion for Fashion, while being responsible towards the planet. Being a Fashion Communication student, Aditi had a little background in fashion, design,...

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  • Veersingh Wooden Products

    Veersingh Wooden Products

    Based out of Badarpur, a historic town in South-East Delhi, artisan Veer Singh is a master artisan practising the craft of wood carving and burning for over 2 decades now....

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  • Copper Bell Art

    Copper Bell Art

    In India, the practice of bronze casting dates back more than five million years. Perhaps the first non-ferrous metals that man molded into tools were copper and bronze. Each metal...

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  • Ecotyl


    Ecotyl is an organic food and sustainable wellness brand. They bring to you 100% organic, eco-friendly, and high-quality products sourced from their best-grown locations across the country. They make sure...

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  • Authentic Karnataka

    Authentic Karnataka

    In 2019, the concept of AUTHENTIC KARNATAKA started taking shape. However, it was the COVID-19 lockdown that accelerated the collective effort. The pandemic highlighted the need to support artisans, thus...

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  • Kalapuri


    Kalapuri is a social enterprise engaged in developing a network of artisans, workers, and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing high-quality handicrafts.It is a step towards reviving Indian handicrafts and the artisans...

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  • Kutchi Carpet

    Kutchi Carpet

    Kutchi Carpet is a company that is advocating the idea of honoring the uniqueness of traditional crafts and the remarkable artistry of Kutchi extra-weft weaving. Retaining the additional weft technique,...

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  • Brand Houmn

    Brand Houmn

    With over 200 years of combined experience in the traditional clothing wholesale business, their partners recognized the untapped potential in the Indian market for a brand specializing in export-quality home...

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  • Prathaa


    Prathaa is a celebration of India's textile heritage, offering exquisite, handcrafted fabrics that blend tradition with contemporary fusion fashion. With a focus on showcasing unique weaves and designs, Prathaa embodies...

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  • Qurcha


    Founded by Textile designer, Nupur, during covid in February 2020, Qurcha is born with the idea of upcycling. Our collection boasts a wide range of unique accessories using discarded fabrics...

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  • Kullvi Whims

    Kullvi Whims

    Kullvi Whims is a social enterprise based in Naggar, a village in Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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  • Bageeya


    In 2017, Bageeya was founded by Jigisha Shukla, a 31-year-old entrepreneur who switched careers from civil engineering to fashion design. 

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  • Purple Pitara

    Purple Pitara

    Purple Pitara, started in 2023, is a clothing brand which brings seamless fusion of traditional Indian fabrics like patola, brocade and chikankari with signature contemporary prints and designs.

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  • Irida Naturals

    Irida Naturals

    Irida Naturals, founded by Sooraj and Sanjana, showcases their deep commitment to sustainability. The brand focuses on retailing eco-conscious homeware and kitchenware, presenting environmentally friendly choices that uphold quality and...

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  • Veaves


    Inspired and rooted deep in the culture and heritage of Banaras (Varanasi), Veaves offers premium quality and conscious products, while seamlessly weaving together traditional Indian craft with contemporary taste.

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  • Vishnature


    Vishnature is a home-grown small enterprise founded in 2020 and based in Kampli, Ballari district (near Hampi). Their products are made from banana fibers and jute using crochet and macrame...

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  • Tari The Loom Theory

    Tari The Loom Theory

    For approximately two generations—of which they are the third—their family has worked with Tariwalas to create looms. By combining strands made of silk, cotton, hemp, khadi, and other materials, our...

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  • with N.

    with N.

    with N. started as a side gig in 2019, and only a year later, became a full-time pursuit for its founders, Nishtha & Nikhil. Their clothes are slow-made, and weaver...

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  • Byora Homes

    Byora Homes

    Byora Homes is a home décor company situated in Ahmedabad, the first heritage city of India.

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  • Goli Soda

    Goli Soda

    Founded in 2013 and based out of Chennai in India, Goli Soda is a conscious D2C sustainability FMCG brand that helps you live Sustainably, Every Day.

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  • Earth Route

    Earth Route

    Earth Route is an artisanal slow fashion brand. The merging of Indian traditional weaving and hand-crafted techniques with classic styling and ergonomics is at the core of their design belief. 

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  • Dak India

    Dak India

    Dāk India is a handmade clothing and accessories brand launched in 2021 with the idea to explore handwoven Indian textiles and create essential artisanal goods.

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  • Phir Studio

    Phir Studio

    “फिर” (phir), which in Hindi, means “Again”. Phir Studio was born during the first lockdown, with an aim to create the best out of waste.

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  • Deco Talk

    Deco Talk

    Launched in May 2019, Urbaine Décor is an innovative home décor, gifting, and lifestyle brand providing the best quality products with unique ideas.

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  • The Greige Warp

    The Greige Warp

    The Greige Warp is a brand of HANDTEX INDUSTRIES PVT LTD (formerly HANDTEX). The brand is supported with 40 years of rich experience and the company aims at creating a...

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  • Tenacious Bee Collective

    Tenacious Bee Collective

    Tenacious Bee is a Collective of beekeepers and nature lovers that operate in pristine mountain ecosystems, ethically harvesting raw, unpasteurized honey, seeking from and adding to traditional mountain wisdom. Learning...

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  • Lafaani


    Born post-pandemic, Lafaani is a young circular apparel label aiming to create timeless silhouettes by extracting knowledge from traditional Indian crafts and is deeply rooted in sustainability, circular in its...

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  • Ithika Studio

    Ithika Studio

    Ithika – (which means Ethical in Greek) - is a small homegrown sustainable brand based in Calcutta (Kolkata) that started with a simple goal: to create comfortable, high-quality clothing that...

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  • Bombay Bloom

    Bombay Bloom

    Bombay Bloom stems from the parent company “Amir Fabrics”  which has been involved in the trading & manufacturing of textiles and ready-made garments in central India for 50 years.

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  • Totem Studio

    Totem Studio

    Totem Studio is a brain-child of a group of architects, designers, and engineers who share a fervent passion for the concept of “Play” and “Playfulness”.

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  • Oonth


    Fueled by a steadfast passion for silver and a desire to make artisanal jewelry more accessible, Oonth was established in 2019 by Ivanka Agarwal, a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur.

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  • Fermoscapes


    Fermoscapes, a sustainable home and lifestyle brand, brings together the charm of traditional and contemporary styles to enhance your surroundings.

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  • Mouse In The House

    Mouse In The House

    Mouse In The House creates clothing for infants and kids that are designed to be more playful and colorful, infused with a sense of playfulness. Every garment is meticulously handcrafted...

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  • Vasstram


    The brand Vastram believes that fashion is timeless and "less is more". Vasstram explores the reinvention of classics through modern tailoring and Indian textiles.

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  • Gulab Tribe

    Gulab Tribe

    Gulab Tribe is a social enterprise with a heart for children and a passion for preserving India's rich cultural heritage.

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  • Econic


    Econic, a locally established brand in Assam, is dedicated to sustainable fashion and lifestyle. It is co-founded, run, and managed by two sisters, Sanghamitra and Mayuri with a small team...

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  • Kamli Tribes

    Kamli Tribes

    Based out of Udaipur and founded by 5 women, almost 7 years ago, Kamli Tribes aims to uplift and raise the socio-economic status of the women residing in the tribal...

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  • Kattoos By Pipal Leaf

    Kattoos By Pipal Leaf

    Kattoos Miniature Terracotta Bricks are hand-crafted, high-quality, reusable, miniature bricks made from 100% natural baked clay. Produced by Pipal Leaf, these miniature bricks inspire, educate and entertain.

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  • Manvi The Handmade

    Manvi The Handmade

    Manvi is a story celebrating the age old art of “Chikankari”, the traditional hand embroidery of the erstwhile Awadh region, modern day Lucknow city and surrounding areas, in the North...

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  • Alankaran Designs

    Alankaran Designs

    Empowering women artisans through sustainable hand-block printing is the mission of alankaran designs.

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  • Something Sustainable

    Something Sustainable

    Something Sustainable is an organic clothing brand. They thrive to keep the usage of natural resources to the minimum by repurposing food, flower, plant, and textile wastes and designing clean...

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  • Forest Post

    Forest Post

    Forest Post engages with Kadar, Malayar, Mannan and Muthuvar communities, and encourages harvest of forgotten wild resources.

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  • LarRarh


    “LarRarh” was born out of the founder’s admiration for Indian arts, history, heritage, textiles, and everything green and sustainable, amidst the global pandemic. 

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  • The Bare Bar

    The Bare Bar

    The Bare bar is a home grown hand crafted sustainable beauty & wellness brand and feels that one can indulge one's senses, nurture and nourish oneself and yet be caring...

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  • Scrapshala


    Scrapshala started in 2016 with a service and product line that could solve the problem of overconsumption and help in minimization of waste being sent to landfills that adds to...

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  • Chittam


    Chittam's mission is to take Indian culture to today's children in exciting, innovative, and meaningful ways.

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  • The Good Gift

    The Good Gift

    The Good Gift is the market-linking arm of a social enterprise ecosystem anchored by Indian Yards Foundation in The Nilgiris mountain range in southern India.

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  • Medoso Jewelry

    Medoso Jewelry

    Medoso Jewelry was launched 5 years ago. The brand is inspired by ancient textures and ancient carvings and ruins.

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  • Swahlee


    Swahlee is an impact-driven studio workshop creating quality womenswear.

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  • Ohrna


    Ohrna’s mission is to generate income and meaningful work for women who have not had an opportunity to learn a skill, and to celebrate heritage crafts.

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  • Effy


    The name ‘Effy’ comes from the word ‘effervescent’ meaning lively and enthusiastic, which represents the vibrance and pep that the brand transpires through their clothing. Effy is armed to innovate...

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  • Phuhar's


    At Phuhar's, sustainability is a priority: they source only the best quality natural ingredients to create unique eco prints and hand dyed vibrant colors.

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  • Amalgam


    Amalgam is a women-led, sustainable fashion enterprise. They aim to empower artisans from all levels of society, and their artisanship appreciates the upcycling process, which it reflects in every clothes...

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  • Forest Green

    Forest Green

    Incubated by Industree Crafts Foundation in 2021, Forest Green is enabling an inclusive ecosystem to facilitate socio-economic opportunities and building sustainable livelihoods for women and youth in forest fringe areas...

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  • Parvah


    Parvah spells care and has been incepted with the object of delivering the best of sustainable fashion at affordable price points, to make fashion more accessible while spreading a sense...

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  • Svatva


    Svatva is bringing forward rural women to venture into the small village based businesses, where many of the women of these villages are either involved in small scale farming, small...

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  • Craftizen


    Craftizen Foundation was founded in 2014 with a vision to preserve and evolve Indian craft skills so that they remain an integral part of our cultural fabric.

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  • Indigharana


    Indigharana is a heritage lifestyle brand that curates a range of products inspired by the blended urban and traditional cultures that resonate crafts of India. 

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  • NandniStudio


    Nandni Studio is a women’s apparel and accessories brand that is inspired by intricacies of handwork.

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  • The Loyal Workshop

    The Loyal Workshop

    Based in the heart of one of Kolkata’s largest red light areas 

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  • Ecoshi


    Ecoshi was born as an idea to contribute towards saving the environment with eco-friendly product design by designer Ayushi.

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  • Samuday Crafts

    Samuday Crafts

    Samuday Crafts is a rural artisan brand that focuses on developing a forward linkage platform and a medium for artists and craftsperson’s to interact with customers and sell directly to...

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  • Folkweave


    Folkweave is a sustainable tribal enterprise that involves the whole family in the process of production to reduce the carbon footprint. 

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  • Punarjeevana


    Punarjeevana is working towards reviving local weaves, local skills, training and empowering women artisans in the region. 

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  • See Sow

    See Sow

    See Sow arose from a shortage of resources for instilling positive mental health in children, particularly during and after the pandemic.

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  • EkiBeki


    Ekibeki is a social enterprise which works to preserve the rich craft heritage of India through awareness, design and market interventions.Their vision is to revive the folk arts and crafts...

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  • Maayu


    Maayu undergarments are specifically designed for well-being, using minimal resources. They do not use chemical dyes, synthetic fiber or spandex. Everything is made from only 100% organic cotton. All the...

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  • Jaggery


    Jaggery is a social enterprise that uses bags as a powerful tool to advance social equity, climate action, and economic resilience. They create handcraft purposeful products like functional bags, cases,...

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  • Solayi


    Solayi is an Indian artisanal jewelry brand based out of Jaipur. It was created with a desire to create unique accessories and jewellery. 

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  • Black Baza Coffee Co.

    Black Baza Coffee Co.

    Black Baza Coffee Co. is an interdisciplinary specialty coffee roastery. They facilitate meaningful and empowered market experiences for smallholder coffee growers. The grassroots work builds on traditional ecological knowledge and...

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  • Aadyam Handwoven

    Aadyam Handwoven

    Aadyam Handwoven is a corporate social initiative of the Aditya Birla Group. They are working with the weaver communities in India to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for the artisans of...

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  • Merakus


    ‘Merakus’ is derived from the word Meracus, which means Pure, and it is also the essence of the brand. 

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  • Padukas Artisans

    Padukas Artisans

    Padukas Artisans combine traditional crafts, (Patchwork Quilting, Warli Painting, Basket making, Fabric Jewelry and Toy Making), with modern design elements.

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  • Sepia Stories

    Sepia Stories

    Sepia Stories is a sustainable fashion clothing brand promoting conscious consumption. 

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  • One ‘O’ Eight Knots

    One ‘O’ Eight Knots

    One 'O' Eight Knots is an initiative by Happy Faces Foundation for first-generation women artisans.

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  • Kara Weaves

    Kara Weaves

    Kara is a creative social enterprise. Its goal is to provide much-needed impetus to the Kerala handloom industry.

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  • Kaizen the label

    Kaizen the label

    Kaizen the label was launched with two primary goals: to bridge the gap among craft communities & urban cultures and to use "waste" in fashion to create conscious fashion.

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  • Kaisori


    Kaisori is a celebration of Indian culture and storytelling as seen through ancient crafts.

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  • Whitewater Kids

    Whitewater Kids

    Whitewater was established by a team of spirited women in 2017.

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  • Juju By Grishma

    Juju By Grishma

    JUJU’s inspiration comes from nature. The products come from a place of wonder, nostalgia, and moments of silent observation.

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  • Indu


    House of INDU believes in creating timeless and functional pieces. The range of outfits is handmade from handwoven fabric.

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  • Indigo Amour

    Indigo Amour

    Indigo Amour is a sustainable fashion brand started in 2018.

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  • House Of Moxa

    House Of Moxa

    House of Moxa is driven by the vision to create timeless and distinct silhouettes that cut across all generations.

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  • Himadri Hans Handloom

    Himadri Hans Handloom

    “Himadri-Hans Handloom” (HHH) is an initiative of The Hans Foundation, a non-profit organization, working in collaboration with the Government of Uttarakhand.

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  • Headstrong By Hema Sharma

    Headstrong By Hema Sharma

    Headstrong by Hema Sharma was launched in the spring of 2019 as an expression of creativity that was shaped by a childhood spent in proximity to nature.

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  • GreenFootPrint


    GFP’s zero waste journey made them realize that each one has the power to make a big difference, but most of us are clueless about it!

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  • Equiivalence


    Equiivalence is a sustainable jewelry brand that works with mindful designs making every piece a timeless collectible jewel.

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  • Diti


    The word “Diti” in Sanskrit means an idea, splendor and earth goddess.

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  • Digikargha


    Digikargha was born out of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), an NGO with 1,000 digitally equipped centres across India.

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  • Dhatu Design Studio

    Dhatu Design Studio

    This classic menswear label seamlessly decodes utilitarian designs with its minimalist and purpose-driven design approach: reimagining the realm of contemporary fashion. 

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  • Dharang


    With a vision to encapsulate Indian heritage arts and crafts in tandem with trends, Dharang is driven by slow and mindful fashion.

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  • Dhaaga


    Born from the spirit of living with less, “Dhaaga” is an environmentally and socially conscious brand that unifies comfort with beauty and community while following a zero plastic and zero-waste...

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  • Chamomile Home

    Chamomile Home

    The Chamomile Home offers comfort wear clothing that is minimally designed in breathable, lightweight, Handspun Cotton Khadi fabric. 

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  • Bindu Giri

    Bindu Giri

    Bindu Giri works with heavenly silks, exquisite Kanchivaram weaves, Ikats, Jamdanis, and more

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  • meet the makers Flourish


    Bihart promotes the various art forms of Bihar like Sujani, Manjusha, and Sikki and weaves like 'extra weft', 'fishnet' 'Chingari' and 'Jharna'.

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  • Baka


    Baka is a holistically sustainable jewelry brand.

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  • B Label

    B Label

    B Label is a greener route for Fashion and Living.

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Global Marketplace

Flourish is a global online marketplace for all things made from good. Flourish was started with the purpose of being a driving force for conscious consumerism, by bringing together environmental and social impact in our mark of goodness. Each product on flourish is made with careful consideration for the planet as well as the people. We are committed to traceability and transparency, thus, with each product, you can see a cost break up as well as know more about how it was made, the people who made it, and more. With a variety of creative producers from all over, Flourish has products across numerous categories like apparel, accessories, home, kids toys, stationery, and more. Handmade and eco-friendly products that are good for the planet and the people.

Our conscious selection

Our values are at the center of everything that we do, to ensure that everyone in the supply chain from creator to consumer is celebrated and informed. Flourish is an ecosystem of creators who work with eco-friendly raw materials and skilled artisans to create purposeful products.

What’s available

Explore innovative handmade and eco-friendly products like Handwoven Apparel in soft organic fabrics dyed naturally Sustainable and Handmade clothing for women - handmade dresses, handmade tunics, handmade tops, organic fabric skirts, handwoven sarees, handwoven pants, handmade women loungewear, handmade women jackets, zero waste jackets Eco-friendly Naturally dyed shirts for men Handcrafted toys for kids Innovative DIY Kits for children, Organic Chemical-free clothing for children Chemical-free colors and stationery kids toys, toy car for kids, kids toys for boys, Men handwoven t-shirt, Womens clothing, organic bath towel, house decor, Women handwoven tunics, Women cotton stole, wrap dress, sleeveless dress, kaftan gown, newborn baby clothes, belt bag for women, kolhapuri chappal women, Handcrafted Home Decor