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The Era of Trashion Flourish

The Era of Trashion

From trash to treasure, it is the era of trashion. With immense innovation in the circular design space, the large amounts of waste produced by the fashion industry have found a new expression. Reusing Katran or fabric waste is an age-old craft revived by this new wave of sustainable fashion. Stitching fabric patches and scraps together to form quilts, clothes, bags and so much more has been an afternoon activity for countless women in many small communities all over the world. Fusing Katrans with modern design has given life to a new form of art. There’s a lot you can do with it. 

Nature of Fabric Waste

Some fabrics are delicate in nature, with one-of-a-kind patterns. With zero-waste cutting and patchwork that preserves the natural flow, many designers are now experimenting with easy fits made in upcycled fabric. Delicate and weightless in nature, fabric scraps can be utilized to make ruffles and some beautiful handcrafted intricate pieces. 

Color Segregated Fabric Waste

Color-segregated fabric waste can be converted to smaller handmade cords and strands that are used to accessorize and add accents to various garments. Quilling is another technique of creating fabric rolls out of katrans. After sorting into colors, fabric pieces are folded, fanned, made into discs/balls. These discs can then be weaved together to create statement accessories. 

If you can think it, you can create it. 

There is no end to the innovation that can be done using fabric scraps. Every year nearly 17 million tonnes of fabric waste ends up in landfills, but ethical brands now are working tirelessly to use fashion as a force for good. May it be utility bags made out of fabric scrap, interesting patchwork designs, or cute scrunchies with soft fabric protecting your hair from breaking, there are many brands that now are using their leftover fabric to innovate and expand their product range.  

Keeping the environment in mind, all designers are encouraged to experiment with a variety of raw materials and repurpose techniques. With a zero-waste philosophy at the core, Flourish in-house collections are one such attempt. Easy-fit designs made out of repurposed fabric that can be styled to suit individual preferences and are meant to nurture diversity in body types and self-expression. The focus of these designs is to ensure that little to no waste ends up in landfills. The zero-waste designs extend not only to the apparel made out of unsold textiles but also to other lines like the jewelry made out of katrans that are leftover.

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