Ensures fair living wage for producers
Discloses the community being impacted
Reduces the environmental impact
Focusses on women producers
Created using handcrafted methods
Made out of responsible materials
Avoids use of chemicals or toxic materials
Ekatra was started by Minakshi & Aishwarya Jhawar, a mother-daughter duo, looking for mediums to express themselves. They work with the form & functions of basic natural materials and embed them in day-to-day lives. They are looking to tell & capture stories through handcrafted stationery & accessories.



At Ekatra they try to be a harbinger of change in the life of the artisans. It is a female-led brand where they try to ensure that artisans gain new skills and financial independence With women empowerment at the core of everything they do, Ekatra engages women from underprivileged communities who are homemakers to become the artisans of designs and their futures. These women come from different backgrounds and families – having often received little education. ​These women join Ekatra for a variety of reasons – each unique to their own set of circumstances. However, they all end up united by a passion for their work, skills, and the realization that their involvement matters and that the initiative’s success is contingent on their dedication hard work & creativity.