Handmade DIY Fabric Painitng kit  Madhubani Fish Potli
Handmade DIY Fabric Painitng kit  Madhubani Fish Potli
Handmade DIY Fabric Painitng kit  Madhubani Fish Potli


Handmade DIY Fabric Painitng kit Madhubani Fish

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This kit directly supports the artisans and helps in sustaining their art form.
It encourages non-digital and tactile play for children, while also stimulating creative thinking. It has been made in collaboration with artisans from Bihar. Madhubani or Mithila painting is a folk art from Bihar, in northern India. It was mostly practiced by women in the villages who then passed this art to their daughters across multiple generations. They traditionally paint pictures of nature and mythology to depict different events like birth, marriage, and cycles of life.


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Type: Craft kits
  • Material: All recyclable/natural material used.
  • Country of Origin: India

Shipping Information

Delivery time: 0-3 Days

Raw Material Cost

33 %

Artisan Wages

10 %

Producer Group Margin

27 %

Mission Margin

*goes towards platform operations, order fulfillment, and building equity for the producer ecosystem.
30 %
Listed on Flourish, this brand adheres to principles of ethical manufacturing. POTLI is focused on the awareness and education of India’s craft heritage among children, in an effort to preserve Indian Cultural Heritage. The brand deals in a series of Indian art & craft DIY educational kits and toys, thereby creating awareness and expanding markets for artisans and supporting communities that depend on their art for their livelihood while helping sustain the old art forms they practice.

This product is handmade/handwoven. Subtle variations in color, texture, or print are a part of its appeal. Give it some extra care.

Actual colours maybe different from those illustrated on the box. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.