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Ensures fair living wage for producers
Discloses the community being impacted
Reduces the environmental impact
Created using handcrafted methods
Made out of responsible materials
Biodegradable or environment friendly
Uses portion of proceeds to give back to the community
BEADS, the Bhubaneswar Experimental Art and Design Studio, radiates a profound commitment to interweaving Odisha's rich narratives and artistic legacies into contemporary lifestyles. Guided by the eminent artist Jagannath Panda, their devoted team seamlessly incorporates the state's creative essence into each design, capturing the spirit of tradition with a modern twist. Founded in 2022, their pride lies in the meticulous craftsmanship of handmade products, paired with eco-conscious packaging, thereby championing sustainability by reducing plastic waste. Each purchase not only supports the livelihoods of local artists through a lifetime royalty system but also bestows customers with a tangible mark of authenticity: the artist's signature on every BEADS product.