flourish.shop Commitment to Transparency

Sustainability goes hand in hand with a holistic form of Transparency: from transparent supply chains and pricing to the creators behind each product. Keeping our collaborative footprint in mind, our goal is to share the full story behind every product to empower you to make a mindful choice. We strive to ensure that everyone in our ecosystem from the creator to the consumer is empowered with access to information.

Raw Material Cost

Expenses associated with sourcing natural raw materials locally. 

Not driven by price, rather quality and eco-friendly sourcing.

Artisan Wages

Flourish Makers are striving to fulfill a commitment to fair wages, to ensure that artisans have access to a secure livelihood. Traditional skills passed down by generations can only be sustained on consistent wages for an artisan. 

Producer Group Margin

Running costs of working with a sector that is primarily rural, informal, and creativity-led. Craft-based enterprises are customized to reach these creative communities in often scattered inaccessible areas.
The margin also includes profit for the group which helps drive their mission of impacting the community since more than 50% of this artisan sector is marginalized groups or women. 

Sometimes it also includes development cost: design development and interventions to strengthen the artisan economy.

Flourish Mission Margin

A part of it goes into a producer welfare trust aimed at improving the livelihoods of creators behind the products. It also covers our operational expenses like the costs associated with running the platform.

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