Fermoscapes Flourish


Ensures fair living wage for producers

Discloses the community being impacted

Reduces the environmental impact

Focusses on women producers

Created using handcrafted methods

Recycles resources

Made out of responsible materials

Avoids use of chemicals or toxic materials

Have you ever been acquainted with the narratives that lie behind the remarkable creations crafted by Indian artisans? Each item possesses its own tale, either already shared or awaiting completion. Discovering these narratives and delving into the distinctive geography and abundant cultural heritage embedded within every craft and product is a source of both enlightenment and motivation. In an era characterized by rapid transformations, it is effortless to become entangled in mass production and overlook the genuine allure of unhurried and sustainable lifestyles. It is with immense excitement that Fermoscapes is introduced to you, aiming to reignite an appreciation for the art of mindful living. Fermoscapes, a sustainable home and lifestyle brand, brings together the charm of traditional and contemporary styles to enhance your surroundings.





Global Marketplace

Flourish is a global online marketplace for all things made from good. Flourish was started with the purpose of being a driving force for conscious consumerism, by bringing together environmental and social impact in our mark of goodness. Each product on flourish is made with careful consideration for the planet as well as the people. We are committed to traceability and transparency, thus, with each product, you can see a cost break up as well as know more about how it was made, the people who made it, and more. With a variety of creative producers from all over, Flourish has products across numerous categories like apparel, accessories, home, kids toys, stationery, and more. Handmade and eco-friendly products that are good for the planet and the people.

Our conscious selection

Our values are at the center of everything that we do, to ensure that everyone in the supply chain from creator to consumer is celebrated and informed. Flourish is an ecosystem of creators who work with eco-friendly raw materials and skilled artisans to create purposeful products.

What’s available

Explore innovative handmade and eco-friendly products like Handwoven Apparel in soft organic fabrics dyed naturally Sustainable and Handmade clothing for women - handmade dresses, handmade tunics, handmade tops, organic fabric skirts, handwoven sarees, handwoven pants, handmade women loungewear, handmade women jackets, zero waste jackets Eco-friendly Naturally dyed shirts for men Handcrafted toys for kids Innovative DIY Kits for children, Organic Chemical-free clothing for children Chemical-free colors and stationery kids toys, toy car for kids, kids toys for boys, Men handwoven t-shirt, Womens clothing, organic bath towel, house decor, Women handwoven tunics, Women cotton stole, wrap dress, sleeveless dress, kaftan gown, newborn baby clothes, belt bag for women, kolhapuri chappal women, Handcrafted Home Decor