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Ensures fair living wage for producers
Discloses the community being impacted
Reduces the environmental impact
Created using handcrafted methods
Recycles resources
Made out of responsible materials
Avoids use of chemicals or toxic materials
Biodegradable or environment friendly
Indigharana is a heritage lifestyle brand that curates a range of products inspired by the blended urban and traditional cultures that resonate crafts of India. Indigharana derives from two words, “Indie” which is an alternative culture and “Gharana” which stands for a style of traditional art.


Their vision is to reimagine traditional and ethnic designs to suit the contemporary needs of the urban people, unifying cultures. Curating and producing unique and authentic ethnic-infused personal accessories inspired by the heritage of India. All this put together gives them the resolve to work towards not just building a meaningful enterprise but also an impactful one.