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Ensures fair living wage for producers
Reduces the environmental impact
Focusses on women producers
Created using handcrafted methods
Recycles resources
Made out of responsible materials
MORALFIBRE creates fabrics and clothing without costing the earth. This fabric-making technology is almost carbon neutral, has low water consumption, and almost no pollution of air, water, or land. These Environmental Saving Values – ESVs are tracked, when one buys MORALFIBRE fabrics and products. The artisanal, traditional skills are modified to meet today's sensibility and ethos. Their product range include hand spun hand woven cotton, organic cotton, peace silk, clothing for all, accessories, and toys.


MoralFibre is a social enterprise that works to re-invent and promote hand-crafted fabrics. Their core value is to make fabrics that ‘free the environment from pollution and depletion and free people from poverty.’ Moral Fibre attempts to help in reviving ethical and humane practices in clothing and in life.


MoralFibre works with Khadi co-operatives based in villages and also works with small independent dyers and printers. As a fairtrade member of WFTO, Moral Fibre has helped generate livelihood support to over two and half thousand artisans in Gujarat. About 80% of them are women. They do not own a single factory. They support and empower traditional independent artisan groups. The fabrics are produced mostly within 250 kilometres of Ahmedabad, where they are located. They are made in co-operatives, by thousands of hand spinners and handweavers, living in small villages without using electricity.


Environmental sustainability is at the core of the MoralFibre proposition. Theirs is a novel way of fabric making, clean energy and sustainable initiative. Moral Fibre believes that commitment made to reduce CO2 emissions by each one of us, will see much better results; rather than leaving it entirely to the states and their mechanisms. They are partnering with Innovate Green LLP. www.recycle.green in this initiative to highlight the impact as well as the importance of individual lifestyle changes towards reducing carbon emissions. With tools to set targets and means to measure them at every stage, They can check the actual vs target set and make corrections at every stage