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Parvah Flourish


Ensures fair living wage for producers
Discloses the community being impacted
Reduces the environmental impact
Created using handcrafted methods
Recycles resources
Made out of responsible materials
Parvah is a pret wear brand with a conscience. At Parvah fashion and sustainability come together to make it accessible and affordable. They seek to blend the best of fashion with their deep-rooted sense of responsibility towards society. This is encapsulated in their three Cs: cuts, colours and cause.



They are committed to promoting seasonless clothing, thus reducing the impact on environment that fast fashion inflicts. Fabrics and materials used in products and packaging are natural and recyclable. While becoming completely sustainable remains the aim, they seek to influence the value chain to adopt sustainable practices. As a responsible brand, they also seek to contribute a share of their earnings to societal causes. They offer and fair compensation to the people while creating work opportunities in this labor-intensive line of work that requires a rigorous design and manufacturing process.