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Spirit Of The Earth

Discloses the community being impacted
Reduces the environmental impact
Focusses on women producers
Recycles resources
Avoids use of chemicals or toxic materials
Biodegradable or environment friendly
Spirit Of The Earth is dedicated towards popularizing native heritage rice varieties of India. These lost rice varieties are carefully Preserved, Conserved, Researched and Cultivated at their certified organic farm in Manjakkudi (Tiruvarur district). The primary activity on their farm is paddy seed conservation and cultivation. As of date, they have been able to conserve 290 heritage rice varieties native to most states across the country. From seed selection, planting, harvesting, milling, packaging – they do all the work. Most of the information they have on heritage rice varieties has been handed down from farmers. Each grain comes with such beautiful stories and has immense nutritional benefits. After every harvest, they share the seeds with other farmers and conduct farmer training programs.