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Created using handcrafted methods
Biodegradable or environment friendly
From the land of Sindh comes a unique block printing technique - The Ajrakh Block Printing. The process involves many days and each layer of color is printed after a gap of time, so the cloth has to stay for the day ‘Aaj ke din rakh’ (Keep it for today), before the next process can begin. Majid Khatri , an artisan belonging to the Budhajima family has been practicing this craft for the past 30 years in his village Dhamadka, Kutch. It is believed that about 400 years ago, a group of Khatris settled in Dhamadka, and started practicing this craft. This is said to be the roots of the art form that has taken over the region now. Majid Khatri’s brand, Teenaro promotes this age-old block printing method and generates livelihood for the Khatri community of Kutch.