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Tenacious Bee Collective

Ensures fair living wage for producers
Reduces the environmental impact
Focusses on women producers
Created using handcrafted methods
Recycles resources
Made out of responsible materials
Avoids use of chemicals or toxic materials
Biodegradable or environment friendly
Uses portion of proceeds to give back to the community
Tenacious Bee is a Collective of beekeepers and nature lovers that operate in pristine mountain ecosystems, ethically harvesting raw, unpasteurized honey, seeking from and adding to traditional mountain wisdom. Learning from the bees, their work is centered on giving back to the landscapes and communities they work in, even as they bring their bounties to your homes. Their honey is sourced from some of the most fragile and remote ecosystems of the Himalayas- surrounded by impeccable quality of water, soil, and air. Every harvest is supervised in person by their founders, to ensure that you get the purest honey, just as the bees made it, loaded with all the goodness of this nectar of the Gods!