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Planet Positive Mindset

Every step counts. Leveraging the strengths of each individual across all ages, we can move together towards a sustainable future 

A shift in perspective and a few easy steps to make your life carbon negative and planet positive:

  1. Prioritize Quality over Quantity
    By taking care of the clothes or buying good quality, we can extend their lifespan. If you extend the life of your clothes by 9 months, you end up reducing 5-10% of your individual water footprint. Production and care of clothing account for almost 2/3rds of freshwater consumption.

  2. Flip the SWITCH
    There are many everyday items like toothbrushes, combs, your choice of a daily handbag that can be replaced with a version made from eco-friendly raw materials. Avoid the toxins and chemicals of synthetic materials.

  3. Reclaim Recycle RepurposeSlicing and stitching old clothes and other textiles to create new clothing, or other functional products helps reduce the consumption of natural resources as well as the carbon emissions associated with production. It creates room for distinctive innovations to make your one-of-a-kind wardrobe and more.

  4. Ask Questions
    Break the vicious cycle of overproduction and consumption by asking questions to yourself and holding the manufacturers accountable. There are responsible and ethical makers actively taking steps to offset the negative impacts by taking proactive actions like planting trees, collecting and upcycling waste, and more.

    Explore them. 

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