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  • Menstrual-Health-Awareness-Month Flourish

    Menstrual Health Awareness Month

    May is dedicated to raising awareness about menstrual health, a pivotal step in destigmatizing conversations around menstruation and fostering a culture of openness and support. This month is an opportunity...

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  • Unique-Mother-s-Day-Gifting-Ideas Flourish

    Unique Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

    Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the incredible women who raised us. This year, ditch the traditional gifts and focus on creating lasting memories with Mom. Here are a...

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  • Wander Wisely: A Guide to Mindful and Eco-Friendly Travel Flourish

    Wander Wisely: A Guide to Mindful and Eco-Friendly Travel

    In a world saturated with breathtaking landscapes and culturally rich destinations, the need for conscious and sustainable travel has never been more imperative. The Wander Wisely newsletter brings to light...

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  • Best Women's Day Gifts Flourish

    Best Women's Day Gifts

    Best Women’s Day Gift Ideas in 2023 International Women's Day is celebrated annually on March 8th to recognize and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It...

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  • Conscious Gifting Flourish

    Conscious Gifting

    Gifts since time immemorial have been a symbol of love. A symbol to express your care for another. With valentine’s day around the corner, we encourage you to think about...

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  • Power of Pockets Flourish

    Power of Pockets

    “Why do my clothes don’t have a pocket??” It is a fair assumption that more women have pondered this question in frustration more times than men. Pockets have always been...

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  • DIY Household Cleaners Flourish

    DIY Household Cleaners

    A clean home helps to put the mind at ease, promote a healthy environment to work and play, and keep everyone in the household safe.  However, many cleaning products that...

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  • Putting Green Flourish

    Putting Green

    Who doesn’t love mini golf? It’s great for an outing with family or  friends, a memorable date, and… coming face to face with the harsh realities of humanity’s impact on...

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  • The Benefits of Meditation Flourish

    The Benefits of Meditation

    Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, or having anxiety throughout your daily routine? If not, please tell us your secret! On a serious note, particularly given the challenges that...

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  • Cooperative Play Flourish

    Cooperative Play

    Cooperative play is a useful tool in creating an opportunity for children to learn various life skills through play. It enhances creative thinking and social skills amongst many others. Through...

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  • DIY: Rethink your old tops! Flourish

    DIY: Rethink your old tops!

    DIY: Rethink your old shirts into exciting new tops! Beat the heat with simple do-it-yourself designs. We all have old piled-up shirts that lie somewhere between “worn too many times”...

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  • Book Review Footwork Flourish

    Book Review Footwork

    Book Review: Foot Work, What Your Shoes Are Doing to the World by Tansy E. Hoskins Sustainability in the fashion industry is a hot topic, but the spotlight remains firmly...

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  • Sustainable Packaging Flourish

    Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainability does not stop at the product. Its packaging also carries an impact. And concerned customers are no longer keeping quiet. They often take to social media to name and...

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  • Guide to Sustainable living from India Flourish

    Guide to Sustainable living from India

    A Guide to Sustainable Living from India! Living sustainably is about thinking sustainably. A sustainable lifestyle is about the choices you make every single day. Choices that are so simple...

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