Pollen Honey Last Forest
Pollen Honey Last Forest


Pollen Honey

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This high quality, raw honey has been collected from the hives of Giant Rock Bee (Apis dorsata). This special edition honey has extra pollen content in it, giving it a distinct color, taste, and endowed with the extra nutritive and therapeutic properties granted by pollen. These batches have untouched quantities of pollen from the different flowers that bloom in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

*Please do not consume before consulting a doctor if you have any allergic reactions to flower pollen


  • Product Size: 250
  • Net Qty: 250g
  • Storage Instructions: Store it in a warm place to avoid crystallization
  • Flavor: Sweet
  • Country of Origin: India(IN)

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Listed on Flourish, this brand adheres to principles of ethical manufacturing. Last Forest, registered in the year 2010, is a sustainable marketplace that provides eco-friendly, aesthetic and socially responsible products. Based in Kotagiri in the heart of Nilgiris mountains in India, it endorses fair trade principles, sustainable harvesting, and biodiversity. The brand works to create value for the marginalised communities and to empower women at the grassroots level.