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Each Natural Dye has a story. Natural colors are free of chemicals and toxins, they are made with consideration to the planet and are better for the well-being of the wearer. Extracting the colors from natural materials like flowers, herbs, roots, plants residues, etc,  is often an exciting process. The colors change shades, express multitudes within themselves as they are put through many different processes, like grounding, heating, boiling with Iron rust water, and more. 

Handmade clothing out of soft organic material that is naturally dyed with plant-based colors is better for the environment and better for you. Explore a range of styles, designs, and patterns, in many natural colors like:

  1. Red of the Manjishta (Madder root)

    An ayurvedic herb that has proven health benefits. Hand-dyed at home using natural dyes like Madder root, pomegranate rind. Sappanwood bark pink, Green indigo, and Indigo apart from Black from fermented iron rust water.
  1. Peach from Plants /flower waste - Residual coconut and tree bark

    Shibori dyeing using these residual natural materials brings distinct color variations to each piece. Free of chemicals, non-toxic and biodegradable shades of the earth.
  1. Natural Navy from Myrobalan (Harda)

    An interesting natural color that contains multitudes within itself. Ground nuts of the Terminalia chebula tree, make this dye that at first gives a warm butter yellow color, but you keep heating it with iron and it deepens to lichen grey.
  1. Green Tints of the Leaves

    Herbal leaves are used to add pattern and color to the soft cream organic fabric. An entire garden of goodness with leaves from medicinal herbal plants. 

Start on your journey of earth-friendly choices and add a pop of (natural) color to your everyday living.

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