Kabbish Bharatnatyam / Earring – Ghunghroo Kabbish
Kabbish Bharatnatyam / Earring – Ghunghroo Kabbish
Kabbish Bharatnatyam / Earring – Ghunghroo Kabbish
Kabbish Bharatnatyam / Earring – Ghunghroo Kabbish


Kabbish Bharatnatyam / Earring – Ghunghroo

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Bharatnatyam, one of the oldest classical dance forms of India is our inspiration. As written in Puranas, Bha means Bhav (Emotions), Ra means Raag (Melody), Ta means Taal (Rhythm) and Natyam means Natak (drama).
Each piece of our jewellery holds a glimpse of Natraj draping a zari embroidered silk sari dancing vicariously. Whether in the case of man or woman, the pleats in the garment that fans out during the dance movements adds an exceptional beauty to the dance. Plated in 22 carat gold with extraordinary craftsmanship of our artisans, have successfully achieved the perfect Bharatnatyam designs.


  • Product Dimensions: 1.5*0.5*1.25
  • Gender: Female
  • Product Size: Free Size
  • Base Color: Jewelry
  • Type: Earring
  • Craft: Black Pottery
  • Material: Terracotta Clay, Brass, Silk Weave
  • Country of Origin: India

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Delivery time: 7-10 Days

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10 %

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30 %

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30 %

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30 %
Listed on Flourish, this brand adheres to principles of ethical manufacturing. Kabbish- a brand that brings forth the craft of black pottery as a jewellery to adorn oneself. As known locally, ‘Kabbish’ is a clay slip prepared by the craftsmen to add lustre to the black pottery. As alluring as it may sound, these terracotta miniatures have actually travelled from the potter’s wheel to make place in your vanity. Each piece is skilfully handcrafted with immense love, care and attention to the details. Kabbish is a small initiative to revive the traditional forms of terracotta while acknowledging the unflinching efforts of the Indian potters to keep this tradition alive. Pottery is a collective process, involving generations dedicated to the craft. Each pot holds the impression (Sparsh /Sanskara) of the hands of the family who brings it to life. From process to packaging kabbish carries a glimpse of the Indian craft culture. Kabbish is magnificence handcrafted for you!
Take Care to keep the jewellery away from lotions, Makeup and fragrances. Store each piece of jewellery separately in the box received with the purchase. Your Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off while getting ready. Please do not use any cleaning agent on a pot and the metal part of the jewellery, Clean the surface with a dry or mild damp cloth to regain the luster. Being the miniature form, the pots are strong enough but the property of clay remain same. Delicate hand crafted, handle with care