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  • Varnan Flourish


    From humble beginnings with two women driven by a desire to give back to their community, Varnan has blossomed into a thriving business venture. Meaning "Narration," Varnan is dedicated to...

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  • LivBio Flourish


    As a social enterprise dedicated to promoting sustainability in everyday life, they tirelessly advocate for Simple Food, Sustainable Clothing, and Simple Home practices. Their mission revolves around educating individuals about...

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  • Ocau Flourish


    Ocau emerges from a deep-rooted passion for fashion, conceived by visionaries from NIFT who witnessed the rigorous intricacies of garment creation firsthand. Distinctively, Ocau champions the ethos of sustainability and...

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  • The-Bhuj-Collection-by-Flourish Flourish

    The Bhuj Collection by Flourish

    Experience the cultural convergence in "The Bhuj Collection" by Flourish. From the historic Ajrakh craftsmanship and inspired by the diverse traditions of Kutch, this collection is a tribute to empowerment....

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  • Kosala Flourish


    In the heart of Chhattisgarh, the Kosala Livelihood and Social Foundation, led by the visionary Hindalco, stands as a stalwart champion of the Kosa silk craft cluster. Dedicated to preserving...

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  • Loophoop Flourish


    In 2021, the visionary Mrs. Kanchan Bhadani launched Loophoop, driven by a fervent dedication to social entrepreneurship. Specializing in the creation of handmade crochet toys, Loophoop stands as a testament...

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  • Craft Speaks Flourish

    Craft Speaks

    Craft Speaks works with artisans, individuals or collectives, and provides avenues for not only scaling their enterprise through market linkages, but also enables them to become streamlined and scale in...

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  • Prashanti Foundation Flourish

    Prashanti Foundation

    This foundation actively supports planet protection by promoting the utilisation of Banana fibre products, which involve incorporating Textile and Banana fibre in their production process. The adoption of handloom fabric...

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  • Authentic Karnataka Flourish

    Authentic Karnataka

    In 2019, the concept of AUTHENTIC KARNATAKA started taking shape. However, it was the COVID-19 lockdown that accelerated the collective effort. The pandemic highlighted the need to support artisans, thus...

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  • Kalapuri Flourish


    Kalapuri is a social enterprise engaged in developing a network of artisans, workers, and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing high-quality handicrafts.It is a step towards reviving Indian handicrafts and the artisans...

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  • Prathaa Flourish


    Prathaa is a celebration of India's textile heritage, offering exquisite, handcrafted fabrics that blend tradition with contemporary fusion fashion. With a focus on showcasing unique weaves and designs, Prathaa embodies...

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  • Kullvi Whims Flourish

    Kullvi Whims

    Kullvi Whims is a social enterprise based in Naggar, a village in Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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  • Irida Naturals Flourish

    Irida Naturals

    Irida Naturals, founded by Sooraj and Sanjana, showcases their deep commitment to sustainability. The brand focuses on retailing eco-conscious homeware and kitchenware, presenting environmentally friendly choices that uphold quality and...

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  • Tenacious Bee Collective Flourish

    Tenacious Bee Collective

    Tenacious Bee is a Collective of beekeepers and nature lovers that operate in pristine mountain ecosystems, ethically harvesting raw, unpasteurized honey, seeking from and adding to traditional mountain wisdom. Learning...

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  • Kattoos By Pipal Leaf Flourish

    Kattoos By Pipal Leaf

    Kattoos Miniature Terracotta Bricks are hand-crafted, high-quality, reusable, miniature bricks made from 100% natural baked clay. Produced by Pipal Leaf, these miniature bricks inspire, educate and entertain.

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  • The Good Gift Flourish

    The Good Gift

    The Good Gift is the market-linking arm of a social enterprise ecosystem anchored by Indian Yards Foundation in The Nilgiris mountain range in southern India.

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  • Ohrna Flourish


    Ohrna’s mission is to generate income and meaningful work for women who have not had an opportunity to learn a skill, and to celebrate heritage crafts.

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  • Effy Flourish


    The name ‘Effy’ comes from the word ‘effervescent’ meaning lively and enthusiastic, which represents the vibrance and pep that the brand transpires through their clothing. Effy is armed to innovate...

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  • Amalgam Flourish


    Amalgam is a women-led, sustainable fashion enterprise. They aim to empower artisans from all levels of society, and their artisanship appreciates the upcycling process, which it reflects in every clothes...

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  • Forest Green Flourish

    Forest Green

    Incubated by Industree Crafts Foundation in 2021, Forest Green is enabling an inclusive ecosystem to facilitate socio-economic opportunities and building sustainable livelihoods for women and youth in forest fringe areas...

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  • Svatva Flourish


    Svatva is bringing forward rural women to venture into the small village based businesses, where many of the women of these villages are either involved in small scale farming, small...

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  • Craftizen Flourish


    Craftizen Foundation was founded in 2014 with a vision to preserve and evolve Indian craft skills so that they remain an integral part of our cultural fabric.

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  • Ecoshi Flourish


    Ecoshi was born as an idea to contribute towards saving the environment with eco-friendly product design by designer Ayushi.

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  • Samuday Crafts Flourish

    Samuday Crafts

    Samuday Crafts is a rural artisan brand that focuses on developing a forward linkage platform and a medium for artists and craftsperson’s to interact with customers and sell directly to...

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  • Punarjeevana Flourish


    Punarjeevana is working towards reviving local weaves, local skills, training and empowering women artisans in the region. 

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  • See Sow Flourish

    See Sow

    See Sow arose from a shortage of resources for instilling positive mental health in children, particularly during and after the pandemic.

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  • EkiBeki Flourish


    Ekibeki is a social enterprise which works to preserve the rich craft heritage of India through awareness, design and market interventions.Their vision is to revive the folk arts and crafts...

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  • Jaggery Flourish


    Jaggery is a social enterprise that uses bags as a powerful tool to advance social equity, climate action, and economic resilience. They create handcraft purposeful products like functional bags, cases,...

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  • Solayi Flourish


    Solayi is an Indian artisanal jewelry brand based out of Jaipur. It was created with a desire to create unique accessories and jewellery. 

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  • Black Baza Coffee Co. Flourish

    Black Baza Coffee Co.

    Black Baza Coffee Co. is an interdisciplinary specialty coffee roastery. They facilitate meaningful and empowered market experiences for smallholder coffee growers. The grassroots work builds on traditional ecological knowledge and...

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  • Aadyam Handwoven Flourish

    Aadyam Handwoven

    Aadyam Handwoven is a corporate social initiative of the Aditya Birla Group. They are working with the weaver communities in India to create a self-sustaining ecosystem for the artisans of...

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  • Merakus Flourish


    ‘Merakus’ is derived from the word Meracus, which means Pure, and it is also the essence of the brand. 

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  • Padukas Artisans Flourish

    Padukas Artisans

    Padukas Artisans combine traditional crafts, (Patchwork Quilting, Warli Painting, Basket making, Fabric Jewelry and Toy Making), with modern design elements.

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  • Sepia Stories Flourish

    Sepia Stories

    Sepia Stories is a sustainable fashion clothing brand promoting conscious consumption. 

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  • Kaisori Flourish


    Kaisori is a celebration of Indian culture and storytelling as seen through ancient crafts.

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  • Himadri Hans Handloom Flourish

    Himadri Hans Handloom

    “Himadri-Hans Handloom” (HHH) is an initiative of The Hans Foundation, a non-profit organization, working in collaboration with the Government of Uttarakhand.

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  • Diti Flourish


    The word “Diti” in Sanskrit means an idea, splendor and earth goddess.

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  • Dhatu Design Studio Flourish

    Dhatu Design Studio

    This classic menswear label seamlessly decodes utilitarian designs with its minimalist and purpose-driven design approach: reimagining the realm of contemporary fashion. 

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  • Dhaaga Flourish


    Born from the spirit of living with less, “Dhaaga” is an environmentally and socially conscious brand that unifies comfort with beauty and community while following a zero plastic and zero-waste...

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  • Bindu Giri Flourish

    Bindu Giri

    Bindu Giri works with heavenly silks, exquisite Kanchivaram weaves, Ikats, Jamdanis, and more

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  • Arture Flourish


    Arture is a brand of sustainable and vegan lifestyle accessories, based in Chennai.

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  • Agro Composites Flourish

    Agro Composites

    Agro Composites have a range of eco-friendly, anti-microbial tableware.

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  • Miko Lolo Flourish

    Miko Lolo

    Miko Lolo strives to create a sustainable clothing alternative, wrapped in colourful prints, inspired by exciting themes. 

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  • Minus Degre Flourish

    Minus Degre

    Minus Degre is a design firm that plays around with plastic waste, crafting household products, furniture and art objects. 

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  • Kilmora Flourish


    Kilmora is Kumaun Grameen Udyog’s (KGU) product brand. KGU works on sustainable livelihoods in rural Kumaon in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

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  • Ecokaari Flourish


    EcoKaari is committed to giving back to the communities where weavers and artisans live and work, to bring a meaningful positive change through empowerment programs.

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  • The Mango Tree Flourish

    The Mango Tree

    The Mango Tree combines a love for sustainable design and generating livelihoods for women in rural India.

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  • Sole Stories Flourish

    Sole Stories

    Sole Stories hopes to be an extension of a conscious lifestyle choice, that moves towards seeing fashion as an expression of self; as part of a greater whole rather than...

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  • Lotus Veda Flourish

    Lotus Veda

    Lotus Veda is all about handmade fabrics, home textiles, & sustainable clothing.

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  • Asan Flourish


    Asan is a social venture with a mission to eradicate period poverty across the world.

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  • Paperwings Flourish


    PAPER WINGS is an environment-friendly product brand that endorses unique, upcycled, and sustainable products for everyday use.

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  • Chambray and Co. Flourish

    Chambray and Co.

    Inspired by nature and captivated by the city, Chambray & Co.

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  • Treewear Flourish


    TreeWear's aim is to create products that are good for people as well as the planet.

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  • Mura Collective Flourish

    Mura Collective

    Mura Collective was started in 1998 by Kusum Tiwari and Prabha Gahtori, as a response to experiencing the lack of workplaces for women and people with special needs.

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  • Wear Equal Flourish

    Wear Equal

    Wear Equal is India’s first upcycled intimate wear brand for women.

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  • Anantaya Flourish


    An interdisciplinary award-winning lifestyle design studio and enterprise committed to the development of ideas using traditional crafts.

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  • Fairkraft Creations Flourish

    Fairkraft Creations

    The Fairkraft Creations brand stands for quality, safety, and great design.

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  • Rangsutra Flourish


    RangSutra is an artisan-owned organization that was founded in 2006 with a vision to create economic opportunities for marginalized rural artisans in India.

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  • Umang Flourish


    Umang or the Mahila Umang Producer Company started as a producer company forged by SHGs.

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  • Bun.kar Bihar Flourish

    Bun.kar Bihar

    Bun.Kar Bihar is the retail brand of Srijani Foundation launched in October 2018. The goal was to showcase the pure hand skills of rural communities of spinners, weavers, and embroidery...

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  • Clan Earth Flourish

    Clan Earth

    Clan Earth has handcrafted completely plastic-free, cruelty-free, stylish & super-functional carry accessories such as backpacks, wallets, purses, etc.

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  • Whe Flourish


    WHE stands for Women, handcrafted & Eco-friendly. A design-driven ethical fashion brand, it was started in the year 2020 with the goal to connect the artisans to the end market. WHE...

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  • P-TAL Flourish


    P-TAL or the Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy is built around the belief that “Legacy is not leaving something for people; it is leaving something in people”.

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  • Blue Lotus Flourish

    Blue Lotus

    Blue Lotus is an ensemble of next generation entrepreneurs, designers, dyers, weavers, weaver organizations who are fully engaged with and proud of being associated with traditional practices of handcrafting.

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  • Greenkraft Flourish


    Incubated by Industree Crafts Foundation, GreenKraft Pvt.

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  • Potli Flourish


    Art Bunker, through its Brand POTLI, offers a series of Indian art & craft kits that aim to reconnect children with traditional Indian art, thereby creating awareness and expanding markets...

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  • Last Forest Flourish

    Last Forest

    Last Forest, registered in the year 2010, is a profit-hybrid institution incubated by an NGO – Keystone Foundation – that provides marketing solutions to primary producer groups and communities that...

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  • Kubsa Flourish


    Kubsa uses design as a catalyst for change in the handloom sector in the North Karnataka region.

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  • Avani Flourish


    In the remote valleys of the Indian Himalayas, abundant in natural resources but scarce in sustainable rural livelihood opportunities, Avani works with the rural community of Kumaon, part of the...

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  • Kaarigar Clinic Flourish

    Kaarigar Clinic

    Kaarigar Clinic is an initiative that works towards rural development by mentoring local artisans to strategically grow their traditional craft practices into self-sustaining businesses

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  • Lukka Chuppi Flourish

    Lukka Chuppi

    LUKKA CHUPPI aspires to bring colors to everyday life with its range of aesthetically appealing and quirky products. 

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